Horseback Riding Club

Experience the thrill of horseback riding with our horsemanship sessions suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Whether at our ranch in North Las Vegas, your own property in Las Vegas, or virtually from anywhere in the country, we provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Our well-trained horses ensure a secure experience, and sessions are tailored to build both horsemanship skills and self-confidence. Embrace the joy of riding with 60-minute sessions—all you need is a love for horses, a pair of boots, and for virtual sessions, a phone or computer. 

As a bonus, discover the captivating world of wild mustangs, learning about their unique characteristics and the importance of preserving these majestic creatures in our equine adventures.

Location: NW Jones Exit, less than a mile from the highway. (Exact address will be provided in the portal after purchase.)

These sessions are once a week on a specific day/time setup between you and Amanda. You may make up up to 2 sessions if missed during the season, at another time during the week outside of your lesson time as the schedule allows. The very last show week cannot be made up and all makeup lessons must be completed by March 3rd.


Winter Season 2023/2024 Starts December 11th!

Dates: The season will run from December 11th, 2023 - March 3rd, 2024.

Cost: Sessions are $65/hour for a group up to 3 riders, or $75/hour for a private hour.

Days/Times Available:

Monday 4pm
Wednesday 10am, 12pm
Thursday 10am, 11am
Friday 9am, 10am, 11am
Saturday 7am, 10am
Sunday 4pm

Who is this winter season best for?

-Mustang Horse Owners: If you've adopted a mustang, this season will fast-track your bond, especially in the first 6-12 months out of the wild.

-Non-Horse Owners: Don't own a mustang (or a horse at all?), but still want to learn how to connect with and ride horses? Our riding program is perfect for you!

-Beginner or Inexperienced Riders: No matter what horse or experience you have, our custom training program is just that for a reason, custom! We will tailor each session to you and where you're at right now, even if you're not that familiar with horses.


Options for Groups This Season: 

Option 1: Confidence Group

This group will meet once every OTHER week for an hour each session. These clients will NOT ride, but instead spend 6 weeks learning about horse communication, respect, boundaries, and building a bond that will last once you're in the saddle eventually. This is a great group for those who are nervous around horses and want to prepare more on the ground before taking riding lessons.

Option 2: Pleasure Riders

These riders will meet once per week for one hour each session, either in a group of up to 3 riders, or privately for an additional fee. These riders are not looking to compete and want to enjoy simply riding for fun, building a bond with their horse doing different activities, and maybe entering the small simple barn shows that we do between students. 

Option 3: Competitive Riders

These riders will meet once or twice per week for an hour each session. These riders want to go to a local show here in Las Vegas and show against other riders from the city (and other cities if they drive in!) These riders will have a very specific focus for their sessions and work toward their first show which would be in March or April. 

*Competitive riders will NOT be going to shows in the winter season, but they will be preparing for the spring show season.

Riders CAN prepare to show, and then elect not to actually GO to shows; that is totally ok! The goal is to have 3-5 show riders to be able to split some of the show fees for those days, but we can have many other riders that are on the "show team" and don't actually attend the shows yet for many months. No pressure! 



•48 hour cancellation notice is REQUIRED.

•Failure to cancel before 48 hours will result in a 50% charge.

•Same day cancellation (24 hours) will result in 100% charge.

•No call, no shows are not tolerated. Same day cancellation policy applies to no shows. You will no longer be able to schedule sessions.

Winter Season Form:

Fill it in to be considered for the winter season! I will let you know in the next week if you are selected!

Take Our Virtual Course While You Wait!

Saddle Up! - Everything you need to know to show up to your first horseback riding lesson feeling confident and prepared for success. Unlock new videos and information via email each day for 10 days then review all 10 days with journal prompts and join a Q&A to get all of your questions answered about riding in-person. 

Cost: $10/10 days


Payment for Sessions Can Be Made Via:

1) Paypal through or the links HERE FOR PRIVATE $75 SESSION or HERE FOR SEMI-PRIVATE $65 SESSION.

2) Venmo @amanda-marie-whitmire

3) Zelle @18587612169 (It comes up under Amanda Cascadden my maiden name)

4) Cash (cash can be paid at or before the time of session).

You must complete your session(s) within 60 days of payment.

Mystery of the Mustang - FREE Informational Course

If you're passionate about the American mustang, get ready for this up-close and personal mini training program that will put you in touch with your wild side! You will learn what it takes to care for a previously wild mustang, how to feed and connect with it, and so much more! 



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