Amanda's Story

My name is Amanda. I grew up in a small town in northern Michigan called Traverse City and spent a good part of my childhood obsessed with horses. Like any crazed horse girl, I read any horse book I could and spent the summer days training my dog to jump and pretending he was a horse! ...


The Wild Horse Problem in America

In 2019 I met my very first mustang and fell in love with the breed. When I learned about how they're in desperate need of help, I decided to step in. Find out more about how teaching riding lessons helps me achieve my overall mission with the wild horses.


My mission is to help you become stronger than your past each and every day through equine connection and deep healing experiences.

I teach horseback riding lessons differently here in North Las Vegas, where we focus on the horse-human connection and fun playful energy. I also host full moon celebrations monthly where we dive deep into the lunar cycle with the horses and discover the moon magic!

My Riding Program is Based on These 5 Values

When I started my horseback riding program in Las Vegas in early 2020, I founded it on 5 values that have stayed consistent throughout the years. In this blog, I explain a bit about each value and why they are important for my riding program.


Frequently Asked Questions:

-Is there an age minimum? No! Anyone of any age can get involved with horses. We just tailor the lesson toward the age that is coming. For riding without an adult walking next to them and holding them, we ask that your child be at least 4 years old and be able to balance and hold themselves up.

-Where is the barn? The barn is in North Las Vegas. You will take the 215 and get off at the Jones Exit. From there you will go down about half a mile and the barn will be on a road to your left. You will get exact instructions for parking once your sessions are confirmed.

-I have more than one child, can I bring others? Sure! You are welcome to bring other kids or family members to the lesson to watch quietly. We ask that you have no more than 4 people total in your party on-site and that no one touches or disturbs animals that we are not working with in our session. 

-I don't have my own horse, can we still take lessons? Yes! I have lesson horses available for any skill levels! 

-I DO have my own horse, but do not live in Las Vegas, can I still take lessons? Yes! We will do the sessions virtually from your phone or computer!

-I already know how to ride, what is next? If you're ready for more than a weekly lesson, we have horses you can half-lease or full-lease! There are local shows here in Las Vegas that we can go to and compete against other riders! The shows are usually monthly and we prepare for them and walk you through the entire process! 

-What boots and helmet do I need? Any boots that have a small heel will work (no tennis shoes) but if you'd like to view some options, here is a good search! Here is also a good search for riding helmets if you'd like to purchase one of your own instead of borrowing one.

-What if I can't make my lesson? 


•48 hour cancellation notice is REQUIRED.

•Failure to cancel before 48 hours will result in a 50% charge.

•Same day cancellation (24 hours) will result in 100% charge.

•No call, no shows are not tolerated. Same day cancellation policy applies to no shows. You will no longer be able to schedule sessions again.


Whether you've never ridden a horse before or you've been riding all your life, the horses are here for you to connect with and ride! Join our monthly horseback riding club and enjoy all the perks of a member, or sign up for one session and see where this adventure takes you from there!



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