From wild to loving forever homes!

Liberty Focused Mustang Gentling

This training course will show you how to gentle a mustang from day 1 out of the wild with a liberty focused approach. This course will use least resistance techniques and positive reinforcement methods.


In the vast expanse of America’s Wild West, I, Amanda, witness the resilient and untamed spirit of the American Mustang as it conquers its deepest fears daily while dancing through the meadows of life.

Once rounded up, in government holding pens, I witness a symphony of 60,000 wild hearts, BLM Mustangs yearning for homes.

One by one I train these majestic souls, weaving a tale of trust with each patient whisper. In the quiet embrace of my touch, they find a path to a brighter destiny, slowly unraveling the mysteries of domesticity.

In the delicate dance between horse and human, I nurture not just their equine potential but I also empower kindred spirits to cradle confidence in their hands.

Together, we waltz through the realms of understanding, forging bonds that echo with the rhythm of hoofbeats.

My canvas is painted with a passion for both steed and seeker, as I guide horse-loving souls to wield the reins of life with grace and confidence.

I believe, in the quiet language shared between man (or woman) and mustang, a transformative alchemy takes place. For those who open their hearts to these creatures, every sunrise becomes a promise, and every gallop, a testament to the profound change horses bring, like whispers of wisdom beneath the open sky.

Mystery of the Mustang - FREE Course & Guidebook

If you're passionate about the American mustang, get ready for this up-close and personal mini training program that will put you in touch with your wild side! You will learn what it takes to care for a previously wild mustang, how to feed and connect with it, and so much more! 


Unraveling the Mystery - Training Program

This training program takes you through picking up a wild mustang, the first 12+ weeks home, and preparing for a mustang show. These weekly updates include training videos and support from other mustang owners along the way. Ask your specific questions each week in a Q&A discussion.

Cost: $397/lifetime access


Virtual Private Riding Session

Are you and your mustang stuck along the way? Join a virtual session (even if you're not riding yet!) and we'll hop on a Zoom or Facetime call so you can show me where the issues are and we can work to solve them! From groundwork to bad habits to feed questions to saddling, riding, preparing to show and more, this private session will get you and your horse on the right track!

Cost: $45/hour


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